About us


Tokyo Vocalo is a creator group aiming at using as a music video work original music which uses a vocal synthesizer “VOCALOID”, and announcing it.

First, it is due to attach English translation to our work already announced in Japan, and to open by YouTube to the public.
We would like to make an original work from English words in the future.

But we are poor at English.
Please let me know the wrong text.
Tokyo Vocalo is looking for those who help translation and the English lyrics.


Name: Mikiko

Occupation: novelist

Part: song lyrics


Name: Sakuchan

Occupation: Musician

Part: Sound adviser


Name:  (ΦωΦ)Nya

Occupation: WEB designer

Part: Animation work


Name: BJ2

Occupation: Cartoonist

Part: Illustration & animation


Name: Taka

Occupation: Graphic designer

Part: Lyrics & composition


Illustration by BJ2