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[Snow Miku 2015] Report by (ΦωΦ)Nya



We uploaded a video.

[SnowMiku2015] SAPPORO OO-DOORI West 11 SNOW STAGE [(ΦωΦ)Nyas Report]

With a state of [SnowMiku2015] held in Hokkaido, Sapporo by 2/5-2/11, Nya reports a video.

The details are written in the blog of (ΦωΦ)Nya.
Please watch them.

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Thank you for waiting.


Thank you for waiting.
I uploaded our first work “Charamela Blues” this morning in You Tube.
The subtitles of the video and English of the explanation may have a mistake, but, please permit it.
The next work is completed soon, too.
Wait for pleasure.

[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku – “Charamela Blues”PV (English Subs)

First contribution


Nice to meet you.
I am Taka of the member at Tokyo Vocalo.
The site for announcing original VOCALOID work is under construction.
However, since we are poor at English, the speed of construction is worried late.